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Large Group in Siem Reap

Since the start of the year we have moved from having our large group meetings once a month to every week . We decided to do this because we felt that people were not so aware of when our meetings were and because people seem more willing to commit to attending a large group meeting every week than attending a weekly small group. Most of the time during the large group meeting we will actually split up into small group in order to do small group Bible study. The task of preparing the Bible studies are shared out between Alex, the team leader, Lina, our excellent staff worker and the various members of the committee. The student committee are the ones who decide what theme/passages we will study. In January we looked at Who is Jesus and had sessions on Jesus is God, King, Saviour and Helper. In February we are looking at Christian living. So far we have looked at how we no longer live for ourselves, but for Christ and at the call to make disciples and how this relates to IFES. In coming weeks we will look at how the Christian life is not an easy one, but God helps us and how, when we become Christians we become members of God's worldwide family. We aim to have four teaching session a month and in months when we have a 5th Saturday we will have a dedicated prayer meeting. In addition, every couple of months we aim to have our large meeting outdoors. We usually have between 15-20 attendees, with a mix of high school students, university students, graduates and other young people.

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