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Our Next Chapter

God is writing the story of SONOKO. From the first person that worked with University students in Cambodia in the 1980s, to our current team of 9 staff workers (both local and foreign) we see God’s hand in it all.

The past few years have been a particularly exciting time in the story of SONOKO. The vision of the ministry has passed to the local Cambodians. Before 2012 we had zero Cambodian staff workers, but now only 4 years later we have 4 full-time, 1 part-time, and 1 intern all from Cambodia! God is raising up indigenous leaders for the movement.

SONOKO’s foundation is stabilizing and we sensed that God was ready to start a new chapter in our story. God revealed that in order for this to be a healthy, growing, and reproducing student movement the vision has to reach more people. It is not enough for the staff to carry the vision; the Cambodian students must also take ownership to make the vision a reality. We also sensed that God was asking us to dream big, to not limit what the ministry could become, and trust that He (as He always has been) will be with us each step of the way.

We believe God is calling us to focus our time and energy on getting the vision to the student level. In order to do that we believe God has released a new challenge. That challenge is…

“By 2021, and only by God’s guidance, SONOKO Cambodia

longs to see student ministry in

3 Cities – 30 Schools – 300 Students”

It's a big challenge, but we are trusting that God will guide us through it all. We are excited to see yet another part of SONOKO’s story unfold as we help to reach Cambodian students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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