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Testimony Of Student

Hello! My name is Mai Mai Seang. I am a student at Western University. It is very difficult for a Christian student like me to walk alone to grow in God. Living in a big city without knowing anyone is also a season of explosive Covid, which makes me very stressed because I can not go out. I recall that during the year 2020, I met a brother who was an alumnus of the school I was attending, and he introduced me to the Christian student ministry, which focused on Christian students at the university. I'm really happy to hear that, I think I will know a lot of people. I asked myself, "Should I join SONOKO?" Surely my answer is "Yes" if asked "Why join SONOKO ministry?" this is God's plan for my desolate Christian life, which He has placed in my student journey. Admittedly, my faith was very weak during that time, I did not have a church to study the Word of God, and no one encouraged me to study the Word of God. But through a small group ministry, I received encouragement, guidance, love, comfort, the most precious thing for me was "I'm Going Back To My Father." Now I know that God is calling me back to Him. Because of this ministry, he has completely transformed me from a weak, distrustful person to a student leader, and it is something I never thought would happen in my life, this ministry reminds me. ” He is working on His plan in me.” Importantly, do we agree to follow that plan? I believe that I am not the only one lost in this dark world, but many lost people are looking for a hand to lift them out of the darkness to bring them back to God. He is using this ministry , using our Christian brothers and sisters to go out to show God's love and salvation to the lost students through the Gospel of Christ​ and I will go.

Small Group member of Western university and join with Students Leader group in Phnom Penh.

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